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Hyper Heat MSZ-FH

Revolutionary high-performance and efficiency in Heat Pumps for your home.

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH

High-Performance Ductless Heat Pumps: What to Expect

It has the benefit of being a heating and air conditioning system that also doesn't rely on ductwork, making it the ideal home comfort solution for a variety of homes and sizes. The F Series' cost-effective design provides maximum comfort and cooling/heating. New technologies from Mitsubishi Electric help the company run quietly and efficiently.

The level of comfort in a room is increased by new features such as the stylish "3D i-see Sensor" temperature control and the Plasma Quad air purification system. Additionally, they are extraordinarily energy efficient (up to 30.5 SEER - the highest SEER rating in the industry), exceedingly quiet, and highly reliable.

In order to warm your home or building, heat pumps work by extracting heat from the ground or outside air. In hotter weather, the procedure can be reversed to transport heat from your home to the outdoors, cooling the air within.

Since heat pumps perform best in temperate climates, the more extreme weather changes of recent years have complicated the effectiveness and advantages of conventional heat pumps, whose performance falls off sharply with falling temperatures.

The Boiler Shoppe recommends Mitsubishi MSZ-FH Ductless Heat Pump Systems to help you build healthy living spaces. Mitsubishi heat pumps and air conditioners are installed and repaired by us.

Custom Comfort at Your Fingertips

The new FH-Series from Mitsubishi Electric takes a completely different approach from previous climate control systems that aim to make the environment comfortable. It's made with your comfort in mind. The new FH-Series is the king of tailored comfort with cutting-edge 3D heat sensing technology and more accurately articulated air vents.

Another advantage of a Hyper-Heat is that it can be placed to act as the sole source of heat in spaces that lack traditional ductwork or space for it, or to supplement an existing heating duct system in order to increase efficiency.

A ductless system could be the answer you're looking for if your house has hard-to-heat areas like finished basements, garage workshops, additions, or bonus rooms over garages — anywhere you might think about using a space heater, electric baseboard, or other device to increase comfort in an area. This system would do so without the risk that comes with traditional space heaters.

Even your "three season porch" may become a year-round gathering place for the entire family. Additionally, numerous buyers have mentioned that it's the ideal system for providing additional comfort to senior family members who might not be as cold-tolerant as other members of the family.

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Wireless Remote Control

You can change your comfort at the touch of a button without ever getting out of your chair. The large, easy-to-read display makes it just as simple to use as a TV remote.

Powerful Mode

To quickly heat or cool your space, the unit briefly operates at maximum capacity for 15 minutes.

Absence Detection

The device automatically enters energy-saving mode when no one is present in the space.

Smart Set

At the press of a button, quickly access your preset temperature settings. To prevent your home and pipes from freezing while you're away, you can also lower the temperature by a cost-effective 10°C/50°F.

Natural Flow

A light breeze is produced by the airflow, which is guided much like natural wind.

Silent Mode

Enables you to take pleasure in those peaceful times by offering whisper-quiet comfort.

Broad Airflow

The airflow may be adjusted to 42 various patterns using the 5-Step vane control and can extend up to 39 feet from the unit.

Right/Left Vane

The left and right vanes can be used to change the vertical airflow's direction. Send air where it's needed, or let the vanes go back and forth.

Direct and Indirect Airflow

Increase comfort by directing airflow away from humans, or direct airflow can be regulated to quickly cool or warm individuals.

What to Expect from High-Performance Ductless Heat Pumps

  • Low-ambient heating for cold climates

    Avoid letting the notion of another Canadian winter make you shiver. The FE-series and FH-series are up to the challenge when the temperature outside plummets, offering good heating performance at outside temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F). * When established systems fail, we'll keep things heated.

  • The new face of comfort: 3D i-see Sensor

    We present another outstanding development from the pioneer in comfort innovation. Based on your individual body temperature, the 3D i-see Sensor from Mitsubishi Electric scans the entire space and divides it into 752 zones to pinpoint exactly where you and your family are. Because of how accurate the 3D i-see Sensor is, it can even distinguish between people and animals! It then focuses the ideal quantity of heating or cooling toward people who require it the most using this thermal data. Additionally, it automatically turns to the energy-saving mode when you leave the room to save you money. We are constantly thinking of you when it comes to making sure your family is comfortable. (Available in models FH09/12/15/18NA.)

  • Nano-Platinum filtration system for healthier air

    The health of your family and the air quality in your house are both improved by our Nano-Platinum air filtering system. Bacteria, viruses, allergies, and dust are the four main air contaminants that are successfully eliminated. Every breath you take will smell clean and fresh since it deodorises the air while enhancing the quality of the air in your home.

  • Double Vane & Natural Flow

    The feeling of natural airflow is the most crucial component in establishing "healthy" airflow. Our brand-new, highly articulated vanes are the only thing that make Mitsubishi Electric's Natural Flow technology conceivable. By avoiding the unpleasant feeling brought on by persistent, artificial airflow, this continuous moderate breeze enhances comfort. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric's Double Vane technology divides the airflow in the left and right directions to send airflow simultaneously toward two persons who are standing in different parts of the room in addition to throughout a large portion of the room.



Ducted or ductless, you can trust the quality of Mitsubishi Electric systems to deliver years of reliable comfort and satisfaction.

Home Efficiency Rebate



Zuba provides high-heating performance, even under extreme low outdoor temperatures thanks to their efficient and exclusive Hyper-Heat Inverter technology. Keeps temperatures steady and provides comfort while ensuring super-quiet operation. Utilizes green technologies that are much more efficient without sacrificing comfort over concerns of high-energy costs.

Home Efficiency Rebate



Engineered to deliver excellent heating performance even when the outdoor temperature plummets to -25°C and beyond. Heat pump is capable of both heating and cooling, it accomplishes this by transferring heat from one place to another. Up to 40% more efficient than central air, improves air quality and it's quieter than a human whisper.




Armstrong Series S & H in-line circulators are suitable for applications such as hydronics heating and cooling, domestic water systems, multi-stage zoning and general industrial service. Both models are available in a wide range of sizes to match the performance requirements of any of these applications.

Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett

Quiet, Reliable Inline Circulators for Heating/Cooling & Plumbing Systems 142G Series PL.  SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE TO WET ROTOR PUMPSTM

  • Maintenance-free
  • Easily handles dirty water conditions
  • Rugged, compact design
  • 25% more efficient than competition
  • Close-coupled dry motor


One of the main features of a UPS is its 3-speed motor. This unique motor advancement, pioneered by Grundfos more than 30 years ago, allows you the ability to adjust the pump speed to fit your specific application. Flexibility to choose your speed gives you the peace of mind that you have the correct pump for the job. The versatility of the UPS not only reduces the number of circulators you have in your truck, but also reduces your installation time and callbacks.



The 00e® series — 006e3 is an infinitely variable, high-efficiency wet rotor circulator with an ECM Permanent magnet motor. With 3 easy settings, the 006e3 delivers performance, reliability and ease of installation that made the 00® famous.

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