Viessmann Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler

Maximize Your Space with Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler's Tankless Design.

Viessmann Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler

Endless hot water
and reliable home heating

With its compact, lightweight design and outstanding performance, the Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler delivers unlimited hot water and efficient home heating in one sleek package. Keep reading to learn more about its key features and benefits.

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Benefits of the Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler

On-Demand Hot Water

On-Demand Hot Water

3.6 GPM of unlimited hot water fed to your home.

Combi-Boiler Unit

Combi-Boiler Unit

Both heats your home and replaces your traditional water heater for domestic hot water supply.

Compact and Light-Weight Design

Compact and Light-Weight Design

Can be placed anywhere with suitable accessibility and exhaust options.

Low-Emission Combustion

Low-Emission Combustion

With fully-modulating Viessmann stainless steel MatriX cylinder burner for natural gas or propane.

Self-Cleaning Heat Exchanger

Self-Cleaning Heat Exchanger

Increases longevity of the Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler system.

High Energy Efficiency

High Energy Efficiency

Canada EnerGuide Rating rating of 95% and receiver of the 2020 Energy Star Most Efficient designation for gas boilers with efficiencies over 95% AFUE.

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Technical Specifications of Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler

  • Fuel Flexibility

    The Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Combi-Boiler runs on both natural gas or propane, making it a versatile option without the need for mechanical adjustments.

  • Boiler Performance

    The Vitodens 100-W B1KA Combi Boiler offers 125,000 BTU/hr heating output and a flow rate of 3.6 gallons per minute for on-demand domestic hot water. With a 95% AFUE rating, it provides high energy efficiency for cost savings.

  • Control Panel

    The Vitodens 100-W Combi Boiler features a user-friendly backlit LCD touchscreen control panel for easy operation. This panel offers intuitive navigation and allows users to adjust settings and monitor the system with ease.

    With this control panel, managing your heating and hot water system has never been easier.

  • Combustion System

    The Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Combi-Boiler is equipped with a low-emission combustion system, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize environmental impact.

    The fully-modulating Viessmann stainless steel MatriX cylinder burner is designed to work efficiently with natural gas or propane fuel. This ensures that the boiler operates at optimal efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

  • Heat Exchanger

    The Vitodens 100-W Combi-Boiler features a durable Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger that delivers long-lasting performance. Its self-cleaning design makes it easy to maintain and extends the unit's service life.

  • Venting Options

    The Vitodens 100-W Combi Boiler offers multiple venting options, allowing for flexibility in installation. With a vent length of up to 200 ft, it can be easily installed in a variety of locations. This feature allows for greater customization and makes it easier to integrate the boiler into your home's existing heating system.

    The extended vent length also helps reduce the cost of installation, as it minimizes the need for additional piping or ventilation components.



Efficient and eco-friendly hot water heater with fully-modulating input for reduced energy waste. Compact and lightweight, exceeds Energy Star requirements with low emission combustion. Greater venting flexibility up to 200’.


Efficient, compact wall-mount hot water heater with low emission combustion and fully-modulating input to reduce energy waste. Exceeds Energy Star efficiency standards and offers flexible venting options up to 200’.


Energy-efficient and eco-friendly hot water heater with fully-modulating input and low emissions. Compact and lightweight wall-mount design, exceeding Energy Star efficiency requirements. Multiple venting options for greater flexibility and easy installation.

Vitotron 100

Efficient and flexible electric low-temperature heating with automatic output modulation. Compact design with an integrated 3-speed circulating pump and digital control unit. Can be used as a primary low-temperature heat source or as backup for existing systems.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

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