The Importance of Combi Boiler Maintenance - 7 Reasons 

Combi Boiler MaintenanceWhen it comes to boiler maintenance, we frequently encounter clients who have been misinformed about the importance of combi boiler maintenance. In this article, we’d like to clarify some of the misconceptions.

Combination boilers (kombi) combine the functions of making hot water, and providing heat. It is used all year round to provide our homes with hot potable water. 

Heating boilers are only used during winter, which is about five months in Toronto. Manufacturers recommend that you have your heating boiler checked at least once a year before the cold season sets in. Therefore, it is even more important to maintain your combi boiler, which you use about three times more. 

It’s only natural for any mechanical systems to deteriorate with wear and tear. More use results in more wear and tear and sometimes, perished parts. As such, combi boiler maintenance is paramount.

What are the benefits of regular combi boiler service?

If you, like most Toronto residents, value the comfort of a warm home and hot potable water, it is important to book your combi boiler maintenance service at least once every year. Although some of the basic maintenance tasks appear quite simple, the manufacturer warranty requires that the service is performed by an accredited heating contractor. 

A professional contractor from The Boiler Shoppe will ensure that your Veissman Vitodens 100-W, B1KA Combi boiler - or any other boiler -  remains in perfect working condition and at maximum efficiency. The benefits of combi boiler maintenance include:

  • Saving money through enhanced efficiency.
  • Reducing the risk of breakdowns or costly maintenance issues. 
  • Enhancing the reliability of your boiler.
  • Preventing potential lethal carbon monoxide leaks.

During the scheduled maintenance call-out, your Boiler Shoppe combi boiler maintenance contractor will:

  1. Switch the boiler on to ensure it works optimally. 
  2. Perform a visual inspection of the boiler and its surroundings to ensure that they meet current legislation and safety standards.
  3. Perform a ‘firing test’ to ensure that your boiler functions as it should.
  4. Ensure that the flue provides adequate ventilation and that it is not blocked.
  5. Remove any dirt and debris from the system. 
  6. Inspect the internal components, including the burner and heat exchanger.
  7. Remove and clean the external casing.

At The Boiler Shoppe, we work hard to offer you the best possible deals on household and combi boiler maintenance. Instead of wasting your time calling around for the best services when The Boiler Shoppe is standing by to offer you a fast, easy, and simple alternative. Call us today for an instant quote.