Triangle Tube Instinct Solo

Uncompromising Performance and Efficiency with Instinct Solo Boiler.

Triangle Tube Instinct Solo Boiler

Instinct Solo: Advanced
Heating for Modern Living

The Triangle Tube Instinct Solo Wall is a paradigm of efficiency and superior heating performance. Designed to deliver an exceptional heating experience, it's built with an all-stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger for optimum heat transfer and longevity. With available sizes of 110, 155, and 199 MBH, the Instinct Solo can cater to diverse heating needs, and the possibility of cascading up to six boilers magnifies its capacity and adaptability.

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Triangle Tube Instinct Solo Key Features and Benefits

Innovative CTRLMAX Control System

Innovative CTRLMAX Control System

State-of-the-art CTRLMAX Control System is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. With the EZ Setup, you can get your system up and running in just 60 seconds without any cryptic codes to decipher.

3-in-1 Universal Vent Adapter

3-in-1 Universal Vent Adapter

Installation and maintenance have never been easier with the universal vent adapter that accepts PVC, Polypropylene, and Stainless Steel. This flexibility ensures a secure and convenient installation process, fitting seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Industry-Leading Warranty Program

Industry-Leading Warranty Program

Your investment is protected with the Three Point (Good / Better / Best) Warranty Program, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Superior Efficiency

Superior Efficiency

With a turndown ratio up to 8:1 and an impressive efficiency rating of 95%, the Triangle Tube Instinct Solo is designed to deliver outstanding performance while reducing energy consumption.

ASME Certified

ASME Certified

The quality and safety of our products are our top priority. As an ASME certified product, you can rest assured that the Instinct Solo Wall has been meticulously tested and meets rigorous industry standards.

Fuel Flexibility

Fuel Flexibility

The Instinct Solo Wall can run on either Natural Gas or Propane, offering flexibility based on your available resources and preferences.

At The Boiler Shoppe, we specialize in finding the ideal heating solution that offers high efficiency and eco-friendliness to suit your home's specific needs.

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Triangle Tube Instinct Solo Boiler

Why Choose Triangle Tube Instinct Solo?

  • Sustainable and Economical Operation

    The Triangle Tube Instinct Solo not only delivers high performance but also contributes towards a sustainable future. With an impressive efficiency rating of 95%, you'll enjoy lower energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint. The high turndown ratio further optimizes fuel consumption, providing you with a greener, more cost-effective heating solution.

  • Reliable Hot Water Supply

    The Instinct Solo Wall boiler, renowned for its high-performance heating, works seamlessly with the Smart 316 indirect tank to heat water efficiently and maintain its temperature for extended periods. This system ensures that hot water is always on standby, ready to meet your needs whether you're running a busy kitchen, managing a hotel with high occupancy, or simply want the comfort of a warm shower at any time in a bustling family home.

    The Smart 316 indirect tank complements the boiler's efficiency by keeping stored water heated and ready for use. Its design reduces heat loss, ensuring that more of the energy used for heating is utilized effectively, providing hot water on demand and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

    In high-demand settings, this combination is a game-changer. The Instinct Solo Wall and Smart 316 indirect tank can comfortably handle multiple hot water applications simultaneously without compromising performance. Whether it's running the dishwasher, doing laundry, or taking a relaxing bath, you can trust this duo to deliver.

  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

    The core of the Instinct Solo Wall's superior heating performance lies in its meticulously crafted, all-stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger. This premium material ensures optimal heat transfer, effectively transforming energy into usable heat for your home or establishment. Its high-quality construction allows for efficient operation, providing you with the warmth you need, whenever you need it.

    Moreover, the use of stainless steel ensures outstanding longevity and impressive resistance to corrosion. This means your boiler can withstand the test of time, even under continuous use, and maintain its high level of efficiency. As a result, the Instinct Solo Wall is not just a powerful heating solution, but also a durable and reliable investment in your comfort and peace of mind.

  • Highly Versatile

    The Instinct Solo Wall stands out for its exceptional versatility. It's designed to meet a broad spectrum of heating needs, from the cozy warmth required in a small home to the more substantial demand in a larger establishment. Available in multiple sizes including 110, 155, and 199 MBH, the Instinct Solo Wall offers the flexibility to choose a model that fits your specific requirements perfectly.

    Adding to its versatility, the Instinct Solo Wall offers the option to cascade up to six boilers. This feature allows you to scale up your heating system based on the evolving needs of your home or business. Whether you're expanding your space or simply need more heating power, the Instinct Solo Wall can adapt and deliver, making it an investment that grows with you.

  • Flexible for Different Settings

    Available sizes of 110, 155, and 199 MBH cater to a wide range of heating requirements. Whether you need a compact solution for a small space or a more robust setup for larger spaces, the Instinct Solo is your go-to choice.

    Furthermore, you can cascade up to six boilers, offering the flexibility to scale up your heating system according to your needs.

  • Excellent After-Sales Support

    The Boiler Shoppe believes in fostering long-term relationships with our customers. We stand by products we install and service and committed to providing you with exceptional after-sales support.

    From helping you understand the best setup for your needs to assisting with troubleshooting or maintenance, our team of experts is just a phone call away.


Instinct Solo

The Instinct Solo boasts a robust stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger, crafted for optimal heat transfer and longevity. With an impressive efficiency rating of 95%, it stands as a testament to superior engineering and design. 

Instinct Combi

The Instinct Combi features a robust stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger, designed to optimize heat transfer and ensure long-lasting durability. With an impressive efficiency rating of 95%, ensures an eco-friendly operation. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

At The Boiler Shoppe, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service with a professional touch. Our dedicated team ensures that you're connected with a licensed and well-versed technician for all your Triangle Tube boiler needs. Our industry experts stay on the cutting edge of technological advances and developments in the field through continuous participation in industry seminars and factory training classes.