Ductless Air ConditioningDuctless Air Conditioning:
Providing Heating and Cooling Solutions For Your Home

Controlling your home's temperature has never been easier than with ductless air conditioning. A heat pump will remove hot or cold air from inside your house and replace it with the cooling or heating you desire. 

Mini split ductless air conditioning units are also called ductless air conditioning systems. A ductless cooling and heating system is the best way to maintain comfort in Canadian homes. Many homeowners are considering installing ductless air conditioning for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This article explains how ductless air conditioning units heat and cool homes.


How Does A Ductless Air Conditioning System Heat a Home?

A heat pump transfers heat from one space to another. Amazingly, refrigeration coolants keep processes running in both hot and cold climates. In winter, heat is collected from the outside and transferred to the coolant fluid.

It may seem as though the temperature has no warmth, when in reality it does. Warming your home with a heat pump is possible. Coolant is compressed to transfer heat to your home's interior, and is distributed throughout your house by the indoor unit.


How Does a Ductless Air Conditioning System Cool a Home?

A ductless air conditioning unit links individual room units to an outdoor compressor. Indoor units contain evaporator coils, which are cooled by refrigerant. A room's warm air blows over and is absorbed by the coils. All that heat is then transferred to the outdoor unit by the refrigerant. 

The mini split ductless air conditioning unit distributes air by pulling warm air in and blowing it out as cold air. Ductless air conditioning is a greener alternative to traditional air conditioners. Installing mini-split ductless air conditioning is less disruptive, and it is more energy-efficient.


What are the Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning?

Easy installation is one of the biggest advantages of ductless air conditioning. In a home without ductwork, adding traditional air conditioning will require ductwork. The installation of ductwork is complicated, costly, and time-consuming.

The Boiler Shoppe professionals can usually install ductless air conditioning units in only one day. The ductless air conditioning units have remotes, making them easy to turn on and off if you want.

Extra benefits of ductless air conditioning unit include:

  • Reduction in utility bills
  • Enhanced air quality
  • Quiet
  • Optimized temperature control in each room through integrated zoning
  • Energy efficient


Ductless Air Conditioning Near Me

A ductless air conditioning unit needs an indoor and an outdoor unit to work. Generally, ductless air conditioning systems are installed on the inside of an exterior wall or on the roof of a building. Properties with mini split ductless air conditioning use one unit in each room.

For ductless air conditioning installation, always consider the layout of the home. For efficiency, the building and room dimensions must be considered before installation. To keep ductless air conditioning working, filters need to be cleaned on a monthly basis.

If you need ductless air conditioning installation or service, The Boiler Shoppe can assist you. The Boiler Shoppe installs and service ductless air conditioning units in Canada. Get your free quote today, or to request a service for your ductless air conditioning unit.