Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps Introduces the Zuba-Central
Heat Pumps TorontoRevolutionary high-performance and efficiency in Heat Pumps for your home

As an accredited reseller and manufacturer of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, we’re proud to introduce the Zuba - an evolutionary central heating and cooling system that delivers higher performance and efficiency than traditional furnaces and air conditioners. Zuba central heats your home in winter and cools it in summer to keep your family comfortable. 

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps use refrigerant to move heat energy between the inside and the outside of your home. During summer, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in your home and transfers it outside. In winter, the cycle is reversed in order to warm up your home. The refrigerant flow rate decreases, which reduces the amount of heat that is generated. See the PDF on heat pump technology.

Heat Pumps with “Net Zero” advantages:

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps offer sustainability and energy savings for residential homes currently using Oil/Electric/Propane. The single units are spot heating and cooling problem solvers!

Zuba-Central - Low Ambient Heat Pump Specifically Designed for the Canadian Climate.

Zuba-Central is one of the most popular Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps on the market for home use. The ambient heat pump system was especially developed with Canadian winters in mind. 

Mitsubishi Electric uses an exclusive hyper heat inverter technology, whereby expert engineers modified the refrigeration cycle in the heat pump to help maintain the flow rate of the refrigerant, even on the coldest winter days and nights. Zuba Central heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric will continue to provide exceptional performance.

You may have noticed that traditional heating and cooling systems tend to have trouble maintaining your desired temperature. Especially older homes have more inefficient old heating and cooling systems. Instead of the normal on/off cycles, Zuba Central is one of the Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps that uses variable compressor speed inverter technology. This awesome feature constantly detects the room temperature and adjusts the compressor speed accordingly to deliver a more consistent temperature along with efficient operation. The Zuba Central delivers peace of mind comfort with lasting quality.  See the video on Zuba benefits.

M-Series: Mr Slim M

Also in the range of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps is the M-Series (or Mr. Slim-M). This quiet, energy efficient and compact device is available as both single and multi-split with options for ducted and ductless. 

The M-Series features a variable compressor speed inverter technology that delivers more effective temperature control. The variable compressor speed inverter (VCSI) technology allows you to adjust the compressor’s speed according to your demand. This means that you don’t have to shut the entire system off. Simply adjust the compressor speed for maximum performance. See manufacturers’ PDF on the Mr Slim M-Series .

Need a new heat pump? Look to further. The Boiler Shoppe’s technicians are standing by to help you choose the perfect unit for your home from the Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps range.                            

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