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Why is the correct “Pump” Important?

The Boiler Shoppe Ltd. understand the extreme importance of Hydronic System Pumping. Not unlike the human body, the correct pumping ensures efficient “Heat Distribution” throughout a home or building. Similar to the human body’s cardiovascular system.

In older homes, hydronic heating systems had no pumps. Early hydronic systems, called “Gravity Systems”, worked on the principals of convection and gravity. When the water in a Gravity System was heated by the boiler, it would raise throughout the home or building via the principals of convection through the homes or building “supply” piping. When the water in the “Gravity System” cooled, it would be channeled and returned back to the boiler through “return” piping. As the water became cooler, gravity would pull the cooler system water back to the boiler and this whole cycle would continue until the home or buildings requirement for heat was satisfied.

The Gravity System was not at all efficient by today’s standards.

The Boiler Shoppe Ltd. use pumps for the following reasons:

  • First and foremost, pumps are used to effectively deliver hydronic system water faster and more efficiently throughout a buildings heating system. We no longer have to wait and waste energy for hydronic heating system water to heat and then cool.
  • Secondly and equally important, modern pumps protect boilers from overheating and burning. In fact some of the better boiler manufactured include built in pumps to ensure correct circulation and longevity.

The Boiler Shoppe Ltd. understands the principals and application of efficient pumping. A newly installed boiler will never operate correctly if the system pumping is not correct.

If you have a boiler that is not performing or radiators that are not heating, contact The Boiler Shoppe for efficient reliable pumping solutions or to service, replace or engineer the correct pump for your system.

The Boiler Shoppe Advantage

  • We help you save more than anyone else on the cost of top quality appliances, installations, warranties and maintenance.
  • We also help you save on energy bills.
  • The Boiler Shoppe only installs the best quality natural gas and solar hot water heater brands.
  • We can help you finance new equipment or installations through your monthly gas bill, thanks to a special agreement we have with Enbridge Financial Services.
  • We provide complete Consulting, Installation, Maintenance and Engineering (CIME) services.
  • We have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years covering every type and size of building.

For more information on the best energy efficient appliance, visit our products page or contact us about the best furnace ratings and best gas water heater solutions in market

Natural gas is the greenest, cleanest, most cost effective fuel for use with home energy equipment for home heating, air conditioning and hot water use.

As the world's third largest producer, Canada can provide an abundance of all the natural gas we need in our country for the foreseeable future.

We insist that a 5-Year or a 10-Year Parts and Labour Warranty is included in the price of the original equipment and all energy efficient appliances that we install. All Warranties are provided at no extra cost to our customers!

We provide complete Consulting, Installation, Maintenance and Engineering (CIME) services.

We have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years covering every type and size of building.

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