Boiler Maintenance Near MeIf you landed on this page because you need boiler maintenance in the Greater Toronto Area, you have come to the right place. Regular boiler maintenance is key to a comfortable indoor temperature in your home and to saving money on future boiler repairs or replacement. So when you’re about to scream “Google, help me find the best boiler maintenance near me”, keep on reading.

The Boiler Shoppe in Toronto Offers Boiler Maintenance

During summer, boilers gather dust, which can leave them unreliable. There are many other good reasons to invest in annual boiler maintenance:

It extends your boiler’s lifespan. Since boilers can be quite costly, you will want it to last well beyond the expiration of the warranty. With regular boiler maintenance, your system can last between ten to fifteen years. The Boiler Shoppe is committed to helping you get the most out of your boiler.

It helps prevent gas leaks and explosions. Boilers release carbon monoxide when they produce heat. A well-functioning boiler will expel the deadly, yet odorless gas outside through the exhaust pipes. If your boiler has a damaged exhaust pipe, it can release carbon monoxide into your home. Many house fires are started when poorly maintained boilers explode. 

Manufacturers include warranty stipulations to ensure that it remains valid. In many cases, the owner’s manual and warranty documents will include a stipulation in terms of periodic maintenance by a professional technician. By ensuring that the warranty remains valid, you can save money on unexpected boiler repairs.

Maintaining your boiler helps decrease energy costs. Your boiler is your second-biggest energy consumer in your home. You can reduce that usage by ensuring that your boiler is as efficient as possible through regular boiler maintenance. This can save you up to 10% on your energy bill.

Boiler owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of their homes and neighborhoods by ensuring that their boilers receive regular professional maintenance. 

All appliances become inefficient and break down eventually. However, regular boiler maintenance ensures that your unit remains as reliable as possible for as long as possible. 

The Boiler Shoppe for All Boiler Maintenance Near Me!

Simply give The Boiler Shoppe a call at 416-241-9093 and ask for a boiler maintenance team to be dispatched to your home. Over the years, we have earned our reputation of excellent service. We’re committed to ensuring that we deserve that good name by providing you with the best possible service, whether you need a boiler maintenance, new installation or repair.