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The Boiler Shoppe Promise


To end costly home energy losses. To help families make energy savings of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year. To select and install, for each home, the most cost-efficient natural gas appliances. To ensure that each home we service is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. To improve family health through better indoor air quality. To maximize the energy efficiencies of every dollar spent. To increase the value of each home we service. To do all this and be environmentally responsible.

The Business Need

 The current economic crisis and the over-reliance and rising cost of oil have made Canadians more energy conscious than ever. Unfortunately, most families in Canada are getting only 50 to 60 cents value for every dollar spent on home energy.

Even recently-built homes were not designed to be energy efficient. So there is a huge opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of almost every home in Canada.

The Boiler Shoppe Advantage

Competitive Advantage

The Boiler Shoppe Advantage

The Boiler Shoppe maintains low overheads. Like the new non-union airlines, we are not overstaffed. We combine skilled, energy-efficient technicians with cost-effective marketing. We maintain flat-rate labour costs for all installations and only subcontract to reputable partners. All our appraisers and fitters are factory trained by the top appliance manufacturers which we select for the best fuel savings and low NOX performance.

Our fitters are also trained on the use and maintenance of every part. In addition, everyone coming into contact with our customers is trained to provide individual personal solutions – a “family-style” approach –which is one of the main reasons that well over 50% of our business comes from customer referrals.

We also combat “fraudulent” Warrantees by insisting that all 5-Year Parts and Labour Warrantees and all 10-Year Parts Warrantees are included in the price of the original equipment we install. So all Warranties are provided at no extra cost to our customers! Simply put, our services are greener and more cost efficient than our competitors because our company is greener and more cost efficient.

Key Advantages to Potential Customers

When compared to the competition, we save our customers the most money and the most energy. We offer customized natural gas equipment that ensures the highest possible efficiency with the lowest possible environmental impact.

With our heating, air conditioning and hot water retrofitting, customers make five savings. They save on quality equipment, on installation, on warrantees, on maintenance and on financial payments through an agreement we have with Enbridge Financial Services.

This means customers can finance the cost of new equipment and installation through the family’s monthly gas bill.

The Boiler Shoppe Additional Services


Call our hotline to answer questions by phone or through our website. We provide round-theclock service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And we service all brands of natural gas equipment, whether or not we installed it.

Make the decision today to make your home Greener. Call The Boiler Shoppe for your free quote.